February 11, 2016

The Cash Secret

The Cash Secret

By Nicole Schwartz

Peter Wolfing is not your average network marketer. He dates his MLM industry training back to the early 1980’s when he was a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps. That’s where he learned the crucial skills of leadership, delegation, and follow through.

An Industry Leader

Then, in 1990, Peter discovered network marketing and he fell in love with the concept. He started out as a distributor, and despite very little industry training, he applied his military experience to his business and quickly became an industry leader.
When others noticed his success, they began asking him to host conference calls and develop training tools. With a great deal of MLM success and training experience under his belt, he decided to found his own company called Multi-plex Systems in1998. For the past 13 years, Peters’ company has been developing and providing support services and training products to network marketing companies. Multiplex Systems creates software to help MLM companies and their distributors run their businesses. Their products include everything from company back offices and tracking software to phone broadcasting, video email, and educational webinars.

400,000 Distributors Worldwide

Peter’s companies currently have over 400,000 distributors worldwide and he has a Better Business Bureau credibility rating of A+. His integrity and experience have truly made him a trustworthy name in the industry.
Peter says he’s designed and participated in every imaginable type of network marketing and cash leveraging company over the years. He especially appreciates the concept of “people helping people”, and that’s what inspired him to get involved in cash gifting programs many years ago.
After 10 years of experience with these kinds of companies, however, Peter has changed his perspective on them. He’s talked with lawyers and come to the conclusion that “just because you say a cash gift is a gift, doesn’t mean that it is.” According to Peter’s lawyers, if the intent of a gift is to make money, then it does not really qualify as a gift in a court of law. Still, Peter really appreciates the concept of gifting.
That got Peter to thinking about the newest program he’s developed, called The Cash Secret. Peter asked himself, “All other things being equal, would you rather receive cash, or would you rather receive cash plus great products and peace of mind?” The answer was obvious.

All the Benefits . . . None of the Worries

The Cash Secret is a very simple, legitimate business with all the benefits of a cash gifting program, namely immediate cash flow, and none of the worries. Plus, The Cash Secret offers real, high quality products for distributors to choose from.
The products are all educational tools that range from personal growth to real estate marketing and stock market investing. “Basically,” Peter says, “the products teach people how the wealthy make money.” It’s all about learning how to create multiple streams of income. Members can be excited about learning from the company’s products and sharing them with others.
Members get paid in cash, from member to member, through secure overnight courier providers. Peter stresses, “We don’t touch the money.” And since there’s no middle man, it’s the most efficient type of business program. Peter calls it the ultimate “maximize -your-effort-type” program.

100% Commissions!

In fact, The Cash Secret pays out 100% commissions, and only charges the distributor a tiny $50 administration fee for each sale, no matter how large the sale. When asked how he can do this, Peter points out that all of their products are digital, so there are no shipping or handling costs, and there is no payroll since members pay each other directly. The tracking software is in place and the products have already been developed, so there are very few costs involved in operating this business from his perspective.
The Cash Secret uses what Peter believes to be the simplest, most straightforward, most effective compensation plan in the industry, the One-Up Plan. Each member simply “gives up” their very first sale and first member to their sponsor. After that, they earn 100% of what they sell and keep each new member they enroll. It’s that easy!
The Cash Secret offers six different possible entry levels, ranging from $300 to $14,000, so there’s an option to meet every person’s budget. Peter points out that high ticket sales mean a greater return on your effort. Many programs only require a $20 or $30 start-up, but making $1,000 by signing up one person is a lot easier than making $1,000 by signing up 50 people. Depending upon their own efforts and abilities, members are earning as much as $1,000 to $5,000 a week with The Cash Secret. Members can have cash in their hands a day or two after joining!

A Customized Marketing Plan

Peter loves teaching others how they can increase their cash flow. He says we wants to be the kind of upline distributor every network marketer has ever dreamed of having, the kind that teaches you exactly how to make your business work. Because he has so many marketing systems available to members who join his program, he can help anyone design a customized marketing plan for their business.
If you’d like to talk with Peter directly, you can call him on his cell phone at 646-258-9400. You can also visit his website at www.giftingsucks.com or email him at TheCashSecret@gmail.com.

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About Peter Wolfing
Peter is a master marketer online and have over 25 years experience online. He has created dozens of sites and products and has helped over 700,000 people reach their online goals with innovative software, websites and systems that help people grow online faster, cheaper and more productive than ever. Peter can be reached at peterwolfing@gmail.com


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